Services offered by Rasons Legal

Rasons Legal provides a wide range of legal services, in particular in the field of corporate, financial, contractual, labor law, IT industry, construction, as well as in the field of protection of intellectual property rights. 

Intellectual Property


We offer clients a wide range of services related to intellectual property law, in particular, the advice on registration of intellectual property rights and on the conclusion of license agreements.
More than twenty trademarks have been successfully registered by our lawyers. We will explain legally complex issues in an accessible way. You will always understand what needs to be done and in what order, we will keep in touch with you throughout the entire process of paperwork.
We will draft for you:
  • Documents required for trademark registration.
  • License agreements for the transfer of rights to use the trademark.
  • License agreements for the use of IT products.
  • Agreements on the development of software products.
  • Documents for the transfer of intellectual property rights.
In addition, our company provides the following legal services in the field of intellectual property:
  • Legal analysis and preparation of legal opinions on issues related to intellectual property.
  • Maintaining and extending the term of validity of titles of protection for objects of intellectual property.
  • Re-registration of the trademark in case of change of the owner of the trademark, change of location.
  • Acceleration of the trademark registration procedure.
  • Defending your intellectual property rights in courts.
As practice shows, in this area there are a huge number of subtleties and nuances, however, the lawyers of our company will help you quickly and efficiently solve problems related to intellectual property.