Team at Rasons Legal

Viktor Pleskun

Managing Partner

The primary specialization is corporate and financial law, real estate. His industry experience also covers highly specialized areas such as road construction and vehicle leasing.

Daria Gavrylytsia

Senior Partner

The primary specialization is corporate and financial law, legal Due Diligence. Daria has long years of experience in leading financial companies in Ukraine, as well as experience in supporting licensing activities. 

Gia Getsadze

Senior Partner

The main specializations are constitutional law, corporate law, international private law. As well as providing advice on diversifying investments and their support in different jurisdictions.

Oleh Lyhin

Senior lawyer

The main specialization is corporate, financial and civil law. Oleh is a highly qualified specialist in systematizing the business processes of financial companies, supporting cases in civil proceedings and representing clients in law enforcement authorities.

Tatyana Shevchenko

Senior Lawyer

The primary specialization is corporate, contractual and labor law. Her many years of industry experience encompasses the IT industry. Tatyana is a specialist in the preparation of license agreements, agreements for the development of websites and other software products and their technical support, confidentiality agreements (NDA), gig contracts. Tatyana also specializes in the development of internal company documents (orders, regulations, instructions, internal policies, etc.). 

Olena Liamtseva

AML Adviser

The primary specialization is banking, a teacher of economic disciplines. Olena has many years of experience in the field of financial monitoring in banking and financial institutions, as well as in insurance companies.

Mykyta Chichkan

Financial Adviser

The main specialization is asset and investment diversification, budget planning, optimizing income and expenses.

Dmytro Yora

Senior Lawyer

Primary specializations are legal drafting, corporate law and contract law. Dmytro also is familiar with military law.